Monday, September 19, 2011

Pokémon Black and White Hilbert Cosplay

Today’s topic is about Pokémon Black and White Hilbert cosplay. Hilbert is the male protagonist and the male counterpart to Hilda of Pokémon Black and White. During his journey, he will meet and battles with Pokémon N who is the leader of Team Plasma which is the crime syndicate in the Black and White versions and battles his childhood friends at various points.
Cosplay pokemon Hibert is one of the popular choices in the eyes of the cosplayers. It seems that boys are more interested in it than the cosplay girls because that there is Hilda for girls. As for Hibert, each of the items about him looks cool, such as the cap, the jacket, the pants and the shoes that a good many of the imitators are obsessed with him. On the other hand, it is not such kind of difficult cosplay but an easy one. As long as you are the fan of him and any of you could put on the cosplay costume and will look the same as Hilbert in the show.
As the boy in the picture, he is a good and attractive cosplayer. The hair, cap and the outfit look great. In a word, he does a successful job. Thank for his sharing with us.

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