Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pretty Pokemon Human Sylveon Cosplay Girls

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Pokemon Sylveon is really a cute and pretty species that attracts tons of cosplay girls’ interest. As the Fairy-type Pokemon, Ninfia is covering with pale cream fur mostly, except the top of its head and the long rabbit-like ears are in pink. In addition, it has small black nose, there are two white and pink bow-shaped features, one is on the right ear and another is around its neck. And the big blues eyes are very beautiful.

by cosplayer Jyu
by cosplayer Mina

As for pokemon Sylveon cosplay, there are so many girls into it due of the beautiful colors and cute appearance of it. These cosplayers in the pictures really look very pretty and noticeable. The pink wigs and blue and pink dresses make them impressive.
Try this online cosplay site: Trustedeal to get different versions of pokemon’s cosplay costumes:
➳➳➳Just show them your pictures to custom-tailor it if you have your own costume idea. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

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