Monday, January 6, 2014

Cute and Beautiful Pokemon Gijinka Sylveon Cosplay

As the Fairy-type pokemon, Sylveon is a cute and beautiful species with pale cream fur and pinkish feet, ears and tail. There is one pale and pinkish color on its left ear and one around its neck. Nymphia has four short legs and blue eyes.

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In terms of pokemon gijinka Sylveon cosplay, more girls are interested in this cute and pretty pokemon. And there are really plenty of different styles of clothes that are designed by different cosplayers, some are beautiful, some are sexy and some are cute and girly.

And this pokemon human Sylveon cosplay girl looks so adorable and beautiful. I love the pink hair, the cute pink and blue dress and the pink boots, everything about her cosplay display attractive and special feelings.

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