Monday, January 13, 2014

Pretty Pokemon Gijinka Shaymin Cosplay

         This is another eye-catching and creative pokemon gijinka Shaymin cosplay! I have to say that as a pokemon, Shaymin is really a cute and beautiful type for girls to be colorful and enchanting. Both forms of the Grass-type and Flying-type are beautiful and could make female cosplayers pretty based on the green, red and white colors.

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This pokemon human Shaymin cosplay girl is in the form of long curly green hair with pink flower-patterned pins and white coif on it, along with elegant and beautiful white long dress and gloves. It is obsolutely an outstanding and impressive pokemon cosplay. In addition, if you have portrayed C.C. from Code Geass or have green wig, obviously you could reuse it for your Shaymin show.

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