Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pokémon Whitney Cosplay

Pokémon Whitney, one of the pokemon Gym Leaders, is expert in the Normal-type Pokémon. She is a pretty and adorable young woman. Her hairdo looks somewhat the same as pokemon Kris except the color; she is pink-haired while Kris is blue. Cosplay pokemon Whitney becomes one of the best choices for the cute cosplayers who want to portray the cute and pretty anime or manga characters.
As the picture shows, the cosplay girl does a good job. The wig and the cosplay costume are great, and I love her socks and the shoes. The imitator is cute, and she has the similar faces as Whitney. She is successfully in impersonating Whitney that we could recognize her as long as we see her in the show. But, it would be perfect if she make the style of the wig the same as that Whitney has.
Anyhow, she chose the suitable character for herself. So if you also want looks the same as the role you cosplay, it is better for you to think it over who has the similar body shape and faces as you. On the other hand, most of us just want to portray our favorite character, in this way, it does no matter who you are or which the character is, we could cosplay any one as long as we like.

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