Monday, June 1, 2015

Lovable Pokemon Gijinka Mudkip Cosplayer

Cosplay pokemon Mudkip is a good idea for all cosplayers to show different charming looks by wearing creative costume.
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Mudkip is a water-type starter pokemon and looks like mudskippers and axolotls; it is really a lovable species that is in blue color, with a light blue neck, underbelly and tail. In addition, Mudkip has a large upright segmented fin over its head, plus large orange cheeks with three feelers on each. The short legs and small paws and large fin-like tail, make it very cute.

  This pokmeon gijinka Mudkip cosplayer does very great job on displaying lovely looks. The beautiful blue wig and the cute blue costume really make her a vivid and recogniable Mudkip.

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