Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Jirachi Cosplay Girl – Making a Wish for Halloween 2014

What kind of Halloween 2014 do you want to experience? Ok, here is a rare chance for you to make a wish for your Halloween this year, pokemon Jirachi is transforming into a cute girl in front of you, now, it is your time…………….
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It says that it can fulfill a desire to people who really need. And pokemon Jirachi is always sleeping and awakes for a week every 1000 years. Jirashi has yellow head that looks like a star, but with only three points. Its face and body are in white; in addition, it has small balck eyes.

    This pokemon gijinka Jirachi cosplay girl looks very cute and has got pretty costume for human Jirachi. What wish have you made? Anyhow, hope your wishes come true!

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