Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pokemon Vaporeon Cosplay

Are you the big fan of this cute blue pokemon Vaporeon? And cosplay pokemon Vaporeon is undoubtedly interesting and creative. At the same time, it is totally a creative cosplay for us. We could dress any Vaporeon costume as long as we like. Hence, it is suitable for both boys and girls.
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Vaporeon is a composite creature and the water-type pokemon. it looks like foxes, Turkish van cats and fish. Vaporeon's body is light-blue and has a white collar resembling a ruff. Plus its yellow ears with a fin on its head resembling its ears. And there are blue ridges that run down the length of its spine and on to its tail-fin.
What is more, this pokemon cosplay suits for personal, couple or group pattern. Ok, it is time for you to give free play to your originality.

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